Spare Time PC is a small home based computer shop where we build custom gaming, business and  home pc's of several variations, sizes and purposes.  Also many new and used pc parts are in stock, if your looking for something not listed please ask, if we don't have it maybe we can help locate what your in need of. We have alot of parts that are not listed.

  • Some of the benefits for using a smaller business is that your remembered on more of a personal basis with fewer customers but more recognized in customer service as an individual not just another sale.
  • As you can see from my business name i am doing my computer sales and building in my spare time.
  • We try and make all of our custom PC's a unique system setup so anything bought from us is of great quality and yet won't be found anywhere else, all complete PC's have all serial numbers and part numbers recorded so we can assist in warranty issues or problems and able to do parts exchanges as hassle free as possible.
  • Contact Information: email David at 
  • We won't try and tell you we have the cheapest computers around because we don't but we do think we have some of the most unique pc's in the area. Our products are described to the best and acurate detail as possible and you can be the judge and decide whether you want to give our products a try or not. We add new items as we get them to the website and try and keep the inventory as accurate as possible. Thanks for visiting the website and please feel free to send an email at any time with questions about items listed or to inquire about other items we may or may not have.


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